How to Benefit from this Handbook

Each student receives a binder that contains the handbook and relevant handouts concerning note reading, theory, and performance information. There is a fee for the binder which is due at the second lesson.  All future handouts, memos, music scores from me, and any other relevant information will go into this binder at no additional charge for the year. In households with multiple students, each student will receive a binder. This will enable us, student and teacher, to keep necessary materials for each student’s lesson in their individual binder and will help avoid the confusion of multiple handouts and missing handouts at lessons. Only the binder of the oldest student in the household will receive the handbook insert. The one time charge for the complete binder (oldest student) is listed with “tuition and fees,” Tuition, Binder Fee, and Attendance.  Additional binders in each family are a reduced fee. There is no charge for any additional handouts through the year. The fee is intended to offset my costs for binder, paper, and printing.

The handbook portion of your binder attempts to describe most of the events in which students of the Johansen-Werner Music Studio participate. It also contains policy information about the studio, educational philosophy, and expectations for the student, teacher, and parent. The handbook is designed to give you an overview of what you might expect throughout the year in terms of time schedules, calendar dates for special activities, fees for these activities, and preparation goals for the students of the studio.

Updates to the handbook in future years will be found on the website. The only updates that will be reprinted are the Background Information and the Calendar of Events.

It is suggested that you read the entire book when you receive it. Place some of the key dates on your calendar. Make a list of questions if you have any and contact me with your questions.  Then refer back to this book as the time nears for fee payments for special activities or the special events draw near.

I will send memos by email as needed to alert you to some deadlines. These memos will be placed in the front pocket of each student binder. I will suggest you read again from the handbook the information that is pertinent at the moment.

The outside back pocket of the binder will contain the payment page. On the payment page is a list of tuition payments for each month of the year and the due date for those payments. The due dates for tuition are always the last lesson of the previous month. I will not send home reminders regarding payment. If your payment is late, the higher fee will automatically be due. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Please keep track of your binders since they are to be brought to each lesson. There will be a three dollar charge for a replacement copy of the handbook and a six dollar charge for replacement of an entire binder.