Music and Books for Piano

SELECTION of MUSIC for piano lessons

To allow students to develop their highest potential, the primary study materials will be based on classical music literature.

Beginning piano students will study from graded lesson books which make extensive use of folk songs and music written specifically for young children. Music will always be chosen to meet the current ability of the student and provide for musical growth.

Selected music from additional styles will be chosen to meet the needs of specific students.  Often times I discover that students are eager to play the music of Bach, Beethoven, and other masters. Frequently when I suggest lighter pieces a student will say “but can I play a Bach ‘Minuet’ now?”  or even more commonly, “Can I play Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise?’” On rare occasions students will be allowed to study one piece that is more difficult than their current ability level. In these instances we agree to work on small portions of the piece and make it a long term project. Students have an option to use one popular or jazz piece in their program of study.

Students who complete their 5-year Guild National Audition will have an option to reduce the quantity of music memorized and to increase the number of popular or jazz pieces in their studies.

Advanced students will play a balanced mix of music by composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth-century eras.


Binder –  The binder is described on page two. The fee for binders is printed with Tuition and Binder Fees on page 7. There is no charge for additional pages which will be added to the binder throughout the year. Every student is required to have a binder.

Metronome – All piano students and many voice students should own a metronome. This instrument helps a student keep a steady tempo while practicing and also directs a student to the correct tempo. Metronomes may be purchased at all fine music stores. I do not recommend the digital metronomes because they take too long to reset. Metronomes with a dial to set the tempo are much more efficient. Students who are interested in making serious progress will want to own a metronome early in their study. The Wittner MT-50 is the recommendation for this studio.

Books –  Students will be responsible for purchasing all necessary music books. Students are responsible for bringing their music to all lessons. If music is forgotten, the lesson will focus on technique and memorized music.

Music may be obtained from the following sources:

  • J.W. Pepper – Order by telephone, internet, or buy music in person
    • Tel.  800-345-6296 (national order number)
    • Tel.  630-462-0787 (Carol Stream store)
    • Location:  130 E. St. Charles Road, Suite A, Carol Stream, IL
  • Selected pieces may be downloaded from the Petrucci Music Library website. Petrucci is not to be used for any music that will be performed at Guild, AIM, or college auditions.