Music and Books for Singers

SELECTION of MUSIC for voice lessons

To allow students to develop their highest potential, the primary study materials will be based on classical music literature. Voice students must purchase a sight-reading book and will be expected to spend considerable time working in this book.

Junior high singers will sing folk songs and English art songs, while spending much of their time in the sight-reading book until they acquire note reading skills. When ready, junior high students may also work with easy Broadway literature.

High school singers will sing folk songs and Broadway literature, working their way into Italian and English art songs. When sufficient vocal technique, reading skills, and basic literature is developed, students will study advanced art songs and/or opera arias. In addition, music from the classical sacred tradition may be studied (i.e. pieces to sing at church) as students wish.

I have a list of music most commonly used in lessons. When it is time to select new books for students, I will send home the list with the proper books selected. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Binder –  The binder is described on page two. The fee for binders is printed with Tuition and Binder Fees on page 9. There is no charge for additional pages which will be added to the binder throughout the year.  Every student is required to have a binder.

Metronome – All piano students and voice students should own a metronome.  This instrument helps a student keep a steady tempo while practicing and also directs a student to the correct tempo.  Metronomes may be purchased at all fine music stores.  I do not recommend the digital metronomes because they take too long to reset.  Metronomes with a dial to set the tempo are much more efficient.  I recommend the Wittner MT-50 which is very durable and functions extremely well. Students who are interested in making serious progress will want to own a metronome early in their study.

Books –  Students will be responsible for purchasing all necessary music books.    Students are responsible for bringing their music to all lessons.  If music is forgotten, the lesson will focus on technique and memorized music.

Singers are required to purchase and use Successful Sight-Singing, Book I  by Nancy Telfer (Kjos Music, ISBN 084974167X)  Other specific materials will be recommended for each student.  It is essential for each student to purchase the necessary books.

Music may be obtained from the following sources:

  • J.W. Pepper – Order by telephone, internet, or buy music in person
    • Tel.  800-345-6296 (national order number)
    • Tel.  630-462-0787 (Carol Stream store)
    • Location:  130 E. St. Charles Road, Suite A, Carol Stream, IL
  • Selected pieces may be downloaded from the Petrucci Music Library website.  Petrucci may not be used for contests or college auditions. IMSLP