Prerequisites for Lessons in voice

Voice students must be 13 years of age or older and be taking piano lessons OR able to play easy Bach and Beethoven. Younger students who want to sing are strongly encouraged to take piano lessons to learn to read music and to join one or more choirs rather than invest in voice lessons. Choirs are available at many churches and schools and this is the best development for young singers. Once singers are accepted for lessons, they also must agree to spend appropriate time each week practicing lesson material.

Singers also must commit themselves to learning to read music. It is highly recommended that voice students develop at least minimal piano skills. Students who do not possess these skills, or who are not fluent in solfege, will be taught to play their vocal parts on the piano. These skills will be reviewed in each lesson and students are expected to practice these skills. It is my experience that singers who can read music are able to learn more songs, and are able to participate more fully in various choral opportunities. I would be delighted to discuss this more fully with students and parents.