Lesson Decorum, Weather


Musicians (most of them, at least) still maintain a certain degree of mannerly behavior in performance and study. This studio promotes specific behaviors that are common among musicians. Male students are asked to remove hats during lessons. The only drink allowed in the music studio is water in a covered container. (Singers are strongly encouraged to bring water to their lessons.)  Gum is not allowed in lessons.


If the weather situation is so severe that you cannot attend a lesson, please notify me as soon as possible prior to the lesson. Lessons may be taught via Facetime or Skype for weather related circumstances. If that is not workable, every attempt will be made to reschedule the lesson. I do not cancel lessons due to weather, but I trust parents to make intelligent decisions as to whether they can safely attend a lesson when extreme weather conditions arise. I will make every possible effort to make up lessons missed due to bad weather.

Students also may do their lesson via Skype or Facetime when travel is impossible. You need a computer with a camera that can be set beside the piano to do this. I do not recommend doing lessons via Skype or Facetime on a regular basis, but they are an excellent option when travel is dangerous. We have discovered that due to a time lag, it is impossible for me to accompany singers when they are on Facetime or Skype.