Tuition, Binder Fee, and Attendance

FALL 2017 TUITION    There is a monthly tuition fee with an early payment (prior to the first of the month) discount. The tuition for each month is the same no matter how many lessons occur in the month. The August/September tuition payment covers lessons from two weeks prior to Labor Day through the end of September. The May tuition payment includes one lesson in June.

Length of lesson Monthly tuition Early payment discount (prior to 1st of month)
30 minute lessons $123.00 $113.00
45 minute lessons $184.00 $169.00
60 minute lessons $246.00 $226.00
Binder Fee: First binder in each family Additional binders, per binder
$5.00 $3.00


Piano students working at GUILD level EE [AIM level III] and higher are strongly encouraged to enroll for 45 minute lessons. Having spoken with a number of teachers throughout the greater Chicago area, I know that many students are benefiting from longer lessons to adequately prepare the theory and literature that enable them to become well-rounded musicians.  This is especially true for those students who are also working on written compositions. I am aware that this calls for a greater financial commitment and therefore the choice is entirely yours.

Students who will actually enter AIM at level  IV or higher are required to enroll in 45 minute lessons each week. Students at this level who have only 30 minute lessons may study some areas of AIM, but will not be allowed to enter. Students preparing for Guild level IA or higher are strongly encouraged to enroll in 45 minute lessons. If you have questions, please discuss them with me.

Voice students who are preparing for a career in music may also wish to study in 45 minute lessons. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this option.


Tuition payment for missed lessons is forfeited. Make-up lessons will be offered for students who miss a lesson due to significant illness or a death in the family, provided that 1) I am notified at least 24 hours in advance of the absence (unless the illness is sudden) and 2) there is time available. Make-up lessons will not be offered for absences for any other reasons or if there are no openings in my schedule. I will make every effort to makeup lessons caused by illness. Make-up lessons are limited to one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester per student.

Students are responsible for being at their lesson on time each week. If needed, students may arrange with other students to switch lessons in a given week if another student is willing to switch.

The regular lesson season runs from two weeks prior to Labor Day through the first lesson of June (whenever one week after Guild auditions occurs). Two weeks of vacation are automatically scheduled at Christmas. Musical progress cannot occur if lessons are repeatedly missed. Frequent absences will lead to the student being dropped from the studio.

Lessons will not be taught on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday immediately following, 2 weeks at Christmas/New Year’s, and Good Friday. Lessons on Memorial Day and July Fourth will be rescheduled.

If I am unable to attend a lesson, a make-up lesson will be provided.

Termination of lessons after the first of the month will result in forfeiture of the remaining tuition paid.

There will be a twenty (20) dollar charge for a returned check. After one check is returned, payment for lessons must be made by cash or certified check.


Summer lessons follow the same guidelines with one exception. Unlimited vacation weeks are allowed in the summer provided that you inform me of absences one full week in advance of each absence. This will allow me to adjust lessons to fill “gaps” that occur. Thank you. Participation in summer lessons is not required. Tuition will be payable prior to the first of each month calculated on the number of lessons the student takes that month (at $26 per lesson).


A revised list will be available by late September of students who may be willing to trade lesson times on occasion if needed. Contact information will be provided. Please trade lessons only as necessary, and understand if someone cannot trade times with you. No one is ever obligated to trade lesson times.